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About Bunny Hopping

Bunny Hopping is a movement technique where the player can increase their speed by
constantly jumping whilst air-strafing. It's the main movement method for
GoldSrc Engine, Old Source Engine, Portal 2, CS:S and CS:GO.

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290-300 velocity with bhop

Speed with a knife 250 velocity

100 % VAC Protection

VAC can't ban a Script

Overwatch can't ban you

if you make 6-7 jumps sometimes

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Instruction and FAQ


1. Create an WASD.in account

2. Download WASD.exe application

3. Log In your WASD account

4. Launch WASD.exe application

5. Assign your PC to account

6. Buy Bunny Hop package

7. Join in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

8. Turn ON Bunny Hop script in your WASD.in application

9. Connect to the server and press "Space"

Download Client For Free